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House Olivier is referred to as a Self-Help Centre and provide accommodation and care to adult quadriplegics and paraplegics.

Where we are different from other facilities is that the centre is run by the residents themselves. We do not have a matron, nursing sister or manager. Each resident has an important role regarding the management and day-to-day running of the house for which they must take full responsibility. An idea of some of the portfolios are: staff representative, kitchen representative, person in charge of maintenance, person in charge of the garden, person in charge of dealing with the Department of Social Development, person in charge of the vehicles etc. Each resident serves on the management committee which meets once a month. There are a few volunteers from the community on the management committee as well but by and large the major/important decisions are made by the residents. 

The centre have a process in place when it comes to selecting new residents.

The process is as follows:
1. Prospective resident completes an application form and returns it to the centre.
2. The committee reviews the application and decides whether or not to invite the candidate for an interview.
3. The candidate is invited for an interview with selected management and residents of the centre. At this interview expectations of residents are explained to them and the candidate is given the opportunity to ask questions etc.
4. The selection committee meet and discuss the candidates, if they decide that the applicant has the potential to be a resident then the applicant is invited to stay at the centre for a two month trial period. An agreement is signed stating when the trial period starts and ends.
5. During the trial period the applicant is given duties within the house and existing residents assess the applicant’s suitability for residency.
6. Before the end of the trial period the existing residents meet to discuss whether or not to accept the applicant as a full-time resident.
7. If the applicant is successful he/she is informed and becomes a resident in the house.

With the above in mind get the ball rolling by completing an application form

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