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Needs List

Have a look at some of our Needs. See where your support can help us best.

Our Top Priorities


In light of our storage needs, we seek secure accommodations for various items, notably garden implements and furniture. The current Wendy House is deteriorating, plagued by leaks and a rodent infestation. Moreover, the impending conversion of the present storeroom into a toilet will heighten our storage requirements.

  • Carport Covers: Required for vehicle protection.
  • Funds: Necessary to address a monthly shortfall of R25,000.
  • Panic Buttons: Strategically placed and linked to the security system to ensure residents’ safety, particularly accessible from bed.
  • Tazers/Stun Guns: Needed for enhanced security measures.
  • Nursecall Bell System: Equipped with backup battery for uninterrupted functionality during load shedding.
  • Inverters: Essential for maintaining electricity supply during power outages.
  • Furniture and Braai: Required for events in the garden area.
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System: Crucial for early detection and response to potential fire hazards.

Your attention to these requirements is greatly appreciated as we strive to enhance the safety and functionality of our premises.

Maintenance Needs

  • Apply paint to the kitchen stoep.
  • Service leaking taps.
  • Install fire escape safety signs.
  • Apply window tint film to doors facing the ClearVu Fence.


  • Cutlery and crockery.
  • Air fryers.
  • 1 small microwave oven.
  • Crates for transporting Woolworths foods.
  • Fridge/freezer for the pantry.

Projects & General Needs

  • Crates for transporting hiring goods.
  • Replenish/increase catering items for hire.
  • Beds and mattresses for staff quarters. Six 3-quarter beds.
  • Office appliances/supplies: printing paper, laptop, laminating paper, small color printer.
  • Air conditioning for the lounge area. This would be beneficial for gatherings, meetings, and socializing. Residents often retreat to their rooms during extreme conditions and miss the opportunity to socialize in air-conditioned comfort. Staff quarters need to be included as well.

Leisure Needs

  • Microphone and surround sound system for the lounge.
  • Side covers for our outside braai area (roll-up type).

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Voluntary Drivers: PDP required for our two buses.
  2. Helping Hands: Your time is one of the most valuable gifts. We need assistance with various projects such as painting, fixing things, changing light bulbs, and other tasks we can’t manage alone.


Bank: ABSA Bank

Account Number: 3010141663

Branch Code: 632005