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Our yearly gathering to report on the events of the past 12 months
AGM Participants

To maintain good governance of our Centre we have Annual General Meetings and this year it was held on Wednesday, 20th July 2022.
The Board comprises 9 Residents and 3 External Members. All Members actively participate in making decisions, with Residents managing their portfolios and External Members rendering all-round advice and meaningful support.
Braving the cold we were joined by Danny & Alta Retief, Graham & Helen Campbell, Willie & Gillian Watson, Johann Bergh and Gillian High.
THANK YOU to each one for your valuable contributions to keep HAO going and for maintaining an excellent image and impression to everyone who comes into contact with us in various ways.
Elschen Keevy resigned in November 2021 after serving two years as Secretary. It was a pleasure to have her on the Board. Thank you to Andrew Grobler for being the Scribe over 5 month. We welcomed Gillian High in June and we trust her position as Secretary will be a happy and long one.
Best wishes and success to the incoming Committee. May the year ahead be a memorable one!

Thank you one and all!



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