Goodbye To Stalwarts

What living in House Andries Olivier meant to Patrick, Martin and Brenton
Patrick Blog Pic 3

“It really helped and provided me with a platform to make something of my life. It helped me to excel in a lot of different areas such as leadership, financial and fundraising skills”.
Patrick’s motto in life : “I can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthens me.”
Patrick has settled in well in his new home and into the George community.
He is always ready to receive and welcome visitors from HAO.
Patrick moved out in April 2019. Best of luck Patrick!

Martin Blog Pic

“I moved to the Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre on 29th August 1997. My time at the Centre equipped me with a range of skills to manage my life, being pushed hard to keep me positive and to set me up for success.
I am immensely grateful to everyone, current and past residents, friends, family and staff that have done so much for me over all the years.
I have achieved what was expected of me, helped manage the House and kept it going. At the same time I developed and improved myself to the point where I can move on and create a new chapter and embrace God’s future plans for my life.
I’ll put all the years of accumulated knowledge and experiences to the test in managing my own home. I will definitely miss the House dearly.
It eases the pain and brings comfort knowing that I’m not too far away!
I will definitely still visit and support future fundraising endeavours.
I pledge my loyalty to the House and its future residents.
Martin moved out in October 2019. Best of luck Martin!

Brenton Blog Pic 2

“I moved into House Andries Olivier in 1999 with the hope to better myself mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.
Moving on to something else, something that I could call my own, has always been the dream.
Now, finally, after 21 years, this House has afforded me the opportunity to implement all my plans.
I will be forever grateful to HAO, its residents and the many volunteers that walked through our doors over the years.
These people helped me to get to where I am today.
I have become a more mature, knowledgeable and informed adult.
I’m sure that any of the new residents can experience the same.
Brenton moved out in October 2019. Best of luck Brenton!



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