Fundraising initiatives is crucial for the Centre like our Club 500 project, which brings in a steady monthly income

Living in a self-help centre allows the residents to take control of and be responsible for their lives. It comes with a huge amount of responsibility and it is a lot of hard work to manage and sustain the Centre. The residents live in what is basically a communal home for wheelchair users and combine their various skills to ensure the smooth running of the self-help centre.

In order to raise funds over the years, the Centre has held concerts featuring some of the biggest names in the South African music industry including Kurt Darren, Gerrie Pretorius, Nianell, Juanita du Plessis etc. These concerts brought in vitally needed funds but such successes is extremely difficult to duplicate. For this reason other fundraising initiatives is crucial for the Centre like our Club 500 project which brings in a steady monthly income. 

We hosts an annual golf day as well as a monthly bookstall and also a small business project of Hiring Supplies for parties, functions etc.

Do you want to give back to your community? 

Do you have spare time that you’d like to donate to a good cause?  If so, we can use your help!

There are several ways in which to help us raise funds.  You could:

  • Motivate your colleagues to sign up for our Club 500
  • Donate books for our bookstall
  • Give in memory of a loved one
  • Place a link to our website on your e-mail signature
  • Connect with us on Facebook and Messenger and follow us on Twitter and YouTube
  • Hire our lounge for your next meeting. Email us for details and stipulating whether you are an individual, a NPO or a corporation
  • Select us as a beneficiary on your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card and donate every time you swipe your card.  Select “Andries Olivier Durbanville  Quadriplegic Centre” as your preferred beneficiary, start swiping and receive monthly statements of how much you’ve raised.  Apply now – My SchoolMy VillageMy Planet
  • Challenge your sports team or group to participate in a sporting event to raise funds via Backabuddy. Register as a Champion on Backabuddy and raise funds for us online (click here to see how)
  • Volunteer your skills or time.

Consider leaving a legacy

Our loved ones are the first people to think of when drawing up a Will, the lasting expression of love for your family and friends. It is also a way of continuing your support to charitable organizations which you would like to see able to carry on the important work of a cause you believe in. Your gift of a legacy will allow The Centre to continue housing persons with disabilities and help them become independent and active members of society.

Bequests can take several forms:

Specific bequest – Gives the Association a specific piece of property:

E.g.:  “I give 500 shares of stock.”

Residual bequest – Designates all or a portion of whatever remains after all debts, taxes, and expenses have been paid:

E.g.: “I give 50 percent of the next residue and remainder of my estate.”

Contingent bequest – Takes effect only under certain conditions:

E.g.: “In the event that my spouse does not survive me, I give to The Andries Olivier Durbanville  Quadriplegic Centre the sum of…”

The Centre cannot provide legal or financial advice. We urge you to consult with your legal representative or financial adviser to determine the appropriate way to give and the best language to use when making a bequest..

We are determined to succeed in our endeavours, we are sustained by a small state subsidy, donations and various fundraising projects.Over the years we received tremendous support from the local community and also sometimes received financial assistance from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

We struggle financially, because the income of our fundraising initiatives can’t always keep up with the financial demands of the running expenses of the house, which includes maintenance, transport, living expenses, employing staff without whom we could not operate and the usual utilities and expenses that go with running a home.

It is also important for potential donors to know that Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre is approved for Income Tax Exemption in terms of Section 18A which means that any financial donation is Tax refundable.

Please have a look at all our fundraising projects:

We cultivate an environment of self-worth for ourselves and others and strive to be equal contributors to society and the economy. We don’t want handouts, but seek assistance from you and/or your business/organization in realizing our vision.

Please partner with us and in so doing help secure our existence and those of future residents. We thank you!

come and support our centre

Your Support Can Change Our World!

Thank you for your kindness!

Our Bank Details Are As Follow:

Bank: ABSA Bank
Account Number: 3010141663
Branch Code: 632005